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What is An Elastic Shoelace?

Elastic shoelaces are some of the latest innovations in shoelaces that have come up over the past few years. Although they follow the same basic design principle as traditional shoelaces, they have a number of innovative touches that make them better suited to specific applications.

They are especially useful because they can be easily fastened and unfastened. For athletes, being able to put on and remove shoes quickly can be a tremendous advantage, especially for triathlons, cross-country events, and the like.

Common Features of Elastic Shoelaces

Elastic Shoelaces can be useful for those with limited dexterity or have difficulty tying shoelaces. Allows enough stretch so that shoes can be slipped on or off without untying. Available with and without cord-lock feature.

Apart from locking into place easily, elastic laces are also designed so that they wrap over the foot snugly. In fact, shoes that utilize elastic shoelaces are often designed to mold itself around the foot as well. This provides a snugger fit, and reduces the chances of the shoe falling off.

With traditional laces, there is a tendency for the ends to come lose and drag on the ground. This can result in dirty shoelaces very quickly. With elastic laces on the other hand, the ends of your laces remain secure in the shoe, keeping them looking nice and clean for much longer.

Lazy No Tie Elastic Silicone Shoelaces Blue

Why Get Elastic Shoelaces?

Elastic shoelaces are effective in removing the stress of tying shoes by providing a means to secure your sneakers with as little effort as possible. Elastic laces allow you to slip your shoes on so much quicker than having to tie your shoe laces, and can save vital seconds.

Eliminating pressure points and discomfort due to swollen feet is achievable using elastic shoelaces. The stretch material provides the best fit to ensure maximum comfort throughout your day.

Our elastic shoelace stretches as you put your foot in the shoe and this means that you don’t misshape the shoe and can get your foot in and out with ease. They are great for young children, walkers, runners, marathoners, athletes, special needs and seniors.

How to Install Elastic shoelaces

Though not necessary, we recommend that you lace them up with your feet in the shoe so you can feel the tension better. Tighten the laces to your desired tension and put the laces through the fastener lock.
Leave length for tension adjustment, use of a pair of scissors to cut off excessive laces. Align the ends of the laces with the teeth in the clip and close the clip to secure the laces.

Guaranteed Best Price

The price of elastic shoelaces differs according to the type and comfort you desire. It is important to note that buying one will surely give you the grip and ease that you need. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!

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